How To Install Double Glazing

Having double Glazing panel installed has a number of benefits to homeowners including lower fuel bills, a warmer house and increasing the value of a property. It consists of two panes of glass which when put together form a cushion of insulation meaning a warmer home. It is therefore commonplace to question how to install double glazing.

Double Glazing


Before you start any DIY job you should make sure you have the correct safety wear. In this case it is advisable to wear safety goggles and make sure any pets or small children are away from the working area.

Equipment needed

There are several tools which you will need when thinking about how to install double glazing. Some are specific to double Glazing pane land some are more general for use in other DIY jobs.

Specialist tools include:

  • A measuring caliper to measure the thickness of the glass
  • Glass pane lifters are useful to transport panes of glass while you are working on a job. They have a suction element which allows the panes to be picked up safely minimizing any damage.
  • Panel framing moulds will hold the glass in position
  • Draught proof strips to seal in any potential draughts
  • Sliding panels for the glass to slide into when being installed
  • A Glazing panel bar is a special panel which connects the two pieces of glass together and keeps out condensation.
  • Glazing panel packers are weight distribution devices which also keep the two panes tightly together.

Other general tools required

  • Power drill
  • Spirit level and tape measure
  • Putty knife
  • Screw driver
  • Rubber mallet or soft-faced hammer
  • Note pad and pen to write down measurements
  • Hinges and catches

Step by step installation

Qualified tradesmen will be able to tell you precisely how to install double glazing. The bullet points below serve as a general guide to give you an idea of the process.

Planning permissions and building control

Planning permission should be considered when thinking about how to install double glazing. It is not required when installing windows but you should check with the planning department of your local authority if you are working on a listed building. Building regulations for fitting windows have been in operation since 2002 and act as a way of ensuring a safe way of escape in an emergency, proper ventilation and warmth efficiency.

  1. Measure up the window space
  2. Take the measurements with you to a DIY store and purchase a double glazed window
  3. Make sure you have the protective gear and tools outlined above
  4. Knock the framing moulds of the panels into position
  5. Line up the draught proofing window strips
  6. Screw in hinges and catches
  7. Put in the glass panels into the frame

It is advised that if you planning on fitting your own double Glazing panel then you should use the advice of a qualified expert.
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